Charlotte Investment Homes, Inc. is a well-oiled machine.

Our team of agents identify and buy undervalued, distressed homes in good neighborhoods. With our decades of experience identifying and rehabilitating “fixer-uppers,” we can quickly calculate exactly how much it will cost to perform the renovations necessary to update a home back to its original glory, with up to date whistles and bells. 

Every market has foreclosures. Finding a realtor to sell you one is a walk in the park. Many times the purchase of a foreclosure or distressed home can be the beginning of a nightmare for inexperienced investors. Our team of experts understand that a foreclosure or undervalued home does not promise a home run.

We have the technology and experience to weed through the bad deals, we toss out potential flips the moment we find a hitch. Our relationship with investors and reputation in the industry demands we do so.








House-Flipping: The Process

  • Once we've helped you find the right property, our team of skilled craftspeople jumps into action. This process is seamless as both teams are under one roof. Because of this, our inspections are more thorough and our standards more rigorous than the competition. Together we take neighborhood embarrassments and bring them up to and beyond community standards as we transform rundown eyesores into attractive homes. We never masks problems with temporary or cosmetic repairs. Our investors benefit because we eliminate or minimize future home inspection repair expenses by doing the job right the first pass through.
  • Your investment home while under construction  never leaves our sale team. . We post ‘Coming Soon” signs that create interest within the community and on several occasions, a contracts prior to competition. Our retail sale experts take over from here. Our associates have the knowledge and experience to provide the best representation, focusing on the details without ever losing sight of the big picture. We know how to best position your home in the Charlotte market to sell quickly and profitably. Using maximum exposure, advanced web based technology that markets to the world along with hometown charm. Our team approach offers you the best opportunity to sell your investment property efficiently and with exceptional customer service along the way.
  • Charlotte Investment Homes is passionate about our city and reforming neighborhoods one home at a time. We love what we do and your final product and profit for our investor is a reflection of our dedication. This process although lucrative for the investor is a win-win for investors, the community and the end home buyer.

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